Subconscious Mind and Happiness

Your conscious mind is presumed to function as the gatekeeper.

It will even consider what others tell it should you not pay attention to others in your surroundings. Shield yourself by reputing anything and seeing what others say which you don’t want to live.

Myths & Facts Related to Subconscious

An extremely strong kind of message that most folks integrate into their day-to-day living and thus into their subconscious mind, is the notion that things take time. It’s going to take time (often one year) to regain your health.

The common man takes that long to fix and buys into that paradigm. Yet they could cure immediately- they understood how and if only they understood they could. I understand that fact from personal experience as the professional who helped others to do exactly the same and as the one who fixed immediately.

None of the info is woo-woo dream. It’s all fact that frequently gets checked with medical tests. Remember the old expression, “You aren’t what you believe you’re but what you believe, you’re.”

You see, change occurs in a instant. What takes time is getting prepared to shift the paradigm. In talk therapy, they’re not prepared, willing or desiring change, if someone will not alter within three months tops. They’re going to not allow healing to happen.

I shifted my practice to energy work from talk treatment so that I could immediately clear blocks for individuals who subsequently took the obligation to keep them clear by refusing to duplicate the ideas and behaviors that cause them. I can do the exact same with many physical ailments- if your client is prepared to let go of the distress.

Your life will just as you believe it’s going to appear. The question that what does one believe might get answered by exploring the subconscious at another level.

Would you like to find out more about tips on how to live in happiness? This short video might help you in that.

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